Preserved Land is a series based in Southampton’s Old Town. It is home to much of Southampton’s heritage including Bargate and the town walls. The preceding photographs are the result of an interest lead investigation of Old Town and places nearby. The chosen imagery all follow a similar motif; that centres around the state of Old Town now and how the newer structures and aspects compare, compliment or contrast to the old. The series also questions how well cared for certain sections of Old Town are compared to others and why this could be, relative to their location. I have found there are several areas of Old Town that appear to be well looked after, and are in the midst of new projects, while other areas appear to be far more neglected and forgotten. It is also quite interesting to see how much variance there is in architectural styles and general lack of uniformity around the old town. The sequence of the photographs takes an approximate route around the walls starting around West Quay and ending around Bargate.

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