Focussing on the Fawley Power Station, along the South Coast of England, this triptych of images explores themes revolving around abandonment and fossil fuels. The recent Paris conference on climate change, COP21, inspired me to focus on this location, a decommissioned power station, and the themes surrounding it around the climate. I have digitally manipulated each of these images to create an enhanced sense of abandonment, nearing on a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. My reasoning for this was to link the visual cues within the imagery with the speculation that we are starting to see an end to fossil fuels. The images are a vision of what could become of places like this if the use of fossil fuels completely ceased. In this theorized world of completely clean energy would places like Fawley become a relic in the future or a condemned reminder of the past.

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Fawley Power Station 1

Fawley Power Station 2

Fawley Power Station 3