When considering the idea of a legacy these landscapes represent a natural world permanently affected by human interaction, therefore it discusses our potential legacy on the world’s landscape. Each of the locations presented are situated within the perimeter of the ‘Jurassic Coast’ therefore they also reference fossils. Actual humans are omitted from each image yet the non-living elements remain as a reminder of what our permanent physical impact on the landscape could look like to future archeologists.

Technofossils are what the legacy of this project revolve around; the man-made fossils that we could leave behind. The pictured objects were collected while on location photographing the landscapes, which form the other part of the legacy. Photographed in the studio, with the backgrounds later removed, the idea behind the series is to present the objects in a sort of archival form. Taking certain inspiration from the way in which museums display and archive current fossils, I attempted to present the objects as cleanly and accurately as possible. This is my vision of what fossils thousands of years in the future could become.

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Isle of Portland 1

Isle of Portland 2

Winspit Quarry 1

Chapmans Pool

Winspit Quarry 2

Isle of Portland 3

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Technofossil 1

Technofossil 2

Technofossil 3

Technofossil 4

Technofossil 5

Technofossil 6

Technofossil 7

Technofossil 8

Technofossil 9

Technofossil 10

Technofossil 11

Technofossil 12