The sea levels have continued to advance along the coast, over the last few decades, at a seemingly increasing rate. Partly a consequence of global warming and human interference; the oceans look to completely engulf many historic and quaint locations by the end of the century.

This project, presented as a series of landscapes, aims to document certain locations along the south coast of England that could be lost at some point in the not so distant future. Furthermore it explores places that have clearly been affected by the rising seas already in the form of erosion, landslides and flooding. There is also a secondary theme concerning how the public interacts with these coastal regions at present and what defences have been put in place to slow down or try and stop the effects of the sea on the land.

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Portsmouth 1


Portsmouth 2

Christchurch 1

Hurst Castle

Portsmouth 3

Studland 1

Barton-on-Sea 1

Titchfield 1


Christchurch 2

Studland 2

Barton-on-Sea 2

Titchfield 2

Hayling Island

Titchfield 3

Anvil Point